Kata Tjuta Walpa Pit Stop Half Day Tour

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This tour you�ll visit Kata Tjuta (the Olgas) and explore Walpa Gorge. A 45 kms drive east of Uluru, the 36 domes of conglomerate rock of Kata Tjuta cover an area of over 21 kms�, and with Uluru, the two form the major landmarks within Uluru�Kata Tjuta National Park. Walk through the sheer walls of Walpa Gorge with your Driver Guide and experience this amazing landscape, a desert refuge for plants and animals.

Kata Tjuta Walpa Pit Stop Half Day Tour
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Tour Highlights

  • Experienced Driver Guides
  • Comprehensive commentary
  • Travel in an air-conditioned coach

Tour Info

Code AK-Y12
  • Day Tour
Duration 5 Hours
Price From $
Vehicle Bus
Suitability Open Age
Start Ayers Rock @ 1.00 pm
Finish Ayers Rock @ 4.00 pm
Travel Insurance Required

• Travel to Kata Tjuta with commentary provided by your Driver Guide

• On arrival at Kata Tjuta explore scenic Walpa Gorge

• Follow the path between the sheer walls between two of the tallest domes of Kata Tjuta

• Take time to admire rare plants, and a grove of Spearwood trees at the end of the gorge

Return to the resort in time for the Sounds of Silence or A Night at Field of Light Dinners.


What to Bring

Enclosed walking shoes

 Sunglasses, hat, sunscreen

 Water bottle

 Warm layers in cooler months

 Flynet in summer months (optional)

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