Blue Mountains Abseiling Adventures

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Blue Mountains abseiling is a must for people who want to get the maximum experience from an abseiling day. There is so much air around you as you descend that it makes your heart pound as you have not experienced before.

Blue Mountains Abseiling Adventures
From$150 aud

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Tour Info

  • Abseiling
Duration 5 Hours
Price From $150


Vehicle 4WD
Suitability Open Age
Start Sydney @ 8.30
Finish Sydney @ Varies per tour

The Mini Jump

Height: 30 metres
Grade: Beginner
Tour Code: HW-01
Time: 9am-12.30 pm
Tour Price: $150 (kids under 16 $95)

A brilliant day in its own right, the Mini-Jump is an ideal half day abseiling adventure. Suitable for children from 10 years.

The abseiling starts with a beginner-friendly three metre high cliff. Your instructors are close at hand to encourage and explain the techniques. With your instructor explaining each step, you gradually continue to bigger cliffs, finishing on an exciting 30 metre high drop. The setting is beautiful bushland, making it both a scenic and exciting adventure!

The Super Jump

Height: 60 metres
Grade: Beginner / Intermediate
Tour Code: HW-02
Time: 9am-4.00 pm
Tour Price: $220

18 storeys of overhanging rock make this abseil an exciting trip even for seasoned abseilers.

After a morning of abseils up to 30 metres at our Mini-Jump site (see above), you tuck into a nutritious and tasty lunch

Then comes "the big one", an 18 storey overhang! The views are fantastic and the adrenaline will be pumping as you descend to the valley floor some 60 metres below.

Mega Jump

Height: 75 metres
Grade: Beginner / Intermediate
Tour Code: HW-05
Time: 9am-4.00 pm
Tour Price: $260

Not for the faint hearted, this trip takes you from 5 to 75 metres!!

We start with a 5 metre high practice abseil and progress through 15 and 30 metre high cliffs before finishing off with a 75 metre high overhanging abseil.

The Boar's Head -Abseiling and Rock Climbing Expedition

Grade: Intermediate / Advanced
Tour Code: HW-03
Time: 9.30am-4.00 pm
Tour Price: $250

The ultimate abseiling expedition for seasoned abseilers. 5 abseils in breathtaking positions.

The first abseil is reached after a short walk from the car park, but the second one is the highlight of the trip - you will know what exposure means after this one! For the second abseil, you climb around a rock buttress and stand over a yawning 50 metre deep chasm. It is not for nervous types! All abseils that follow are in unique positions, with plenty of air time to take in the breathtaking views before you touch down after the final abseil. Instead of the standard walk out, there's an exciting rock climb suitable for beginners (please ask for it when you book).

Malaita Point -Abseil Expedition

Grade: Intermediate / Advanced
Tour Code: HW-04
Time: 9am-4.00 pm
Tour Price: $250

A 200 metre-high multi-pitch abseil that follows a ridge line down into the Jamison Valley near the famous Three Sisters. The way out is via the historic Scenic Railway.

You start the day with some abseiling instruction at the beautiful Narrow Neck Plateau, with stunning views over the Megalong Valley. After the preparatory abseils it is only a few minutes walk from the road to the first big drop. With a total of six abseils this is a great day for those who enjoy abseiling in exposed positions. As each abseil is different it offers a unique opportunity to experience many types of abseiling descents, from tricky drops through scrubby gullies to airy sheer walls that have amazing views and exposure. The Malaita Point expedition has some of the best views of the Three Sisters, Mt Solitary, Ruined Castle and the Jamison valley from an amazing vantage point. After the six exciting abseils, you finally touch down. From here, it is only a short walk past the old coal mining shafts of the Jamison Valley to the Scenic Railway.


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