20 Minutes Uluru Scenic Flights

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Enjoy 20 Min Uluru only- Ayers Rock Scenic Flight. Uluru is probably Australia's best-known natural landmark. Flying over Uluru and enjoy the pretty impressive close up view (20 Min � 120 Min Helicopter Tours are available)

20 Minutes Uluru Scenic Flights
From$105 aud

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Tour Highlights

  • Uluru

Tour Info

  • Scenic Flight
Duration 0.5 Hours
Price From $105


Vehicle Fixed Wing Aircraft
Suitability Open Age
Start Ayers Rock @ Any time ( not sunrise or sunset time)
Finish Ayers Rock @ Any time

* 20min Uluru only

Let us do the climbing for you! Experience the many changing faces of Uluru from the best vantage point possible. This 20 minute flight gives you the greatest perspective on Australia's most famous landmark.

* 40min Uluru & Kata Tjuta

During this exhilarating experience, you will have a chance to truly appreciate the natural beauty of Uluru and Kata Tjuta. This 40min flight gives you the perfect amount of time to take in the wonderful sights and stunning desert features.

* 60min Uluru, Kata Tjuta & Lake Amadeus

Imagine flying over the Northern Territory's largest salt lake! This uninhabited landscape portrays the natural wonders of the Australian Outback, with the opportunity to see wild camels.

* 105min Uluru, Kata Tjuta & Mt Conner

Witness the sheer beauty of these 3 spectacular giants from the comfort of our high winged aircraft.

* 120min See the Lot! Uluru, Kata Tjuta, Lake Amadeus and Kings Canyon

With its brilliant sights, this is the ultimate outback adventure. Kings Canyon's steep cliff faces, the Garden of Eden and the Lost City are all a must see from an aeroplane.


  • Flights operate daily on demand. Minimum passengers apply. All flights are subject to availability, weather conditions and air traffic control.
  • 20min Uluru only - This flight is not available for sunrise or sunset (Min2 Pax) 
  • 40min Uluru & Kata Tjuta  -  (Min2 Pax) 
  • 60min Uluru, Kata Tjuta & Lake Amadeus - (Min2 Pax) 
  • 105min Uluru, Kata Tjuta & Mt Conner - (Min3 Pax) 
  • 120min See the Lot! Uluru, Kata Tjuta, Lake Amadeus and Kings Canyon - (Min3 Pax) 


  • Charter service available – plan your own flight
  • Sunrise and sunset flights available
  • Return transfers from your hotel in an air-conditioned bus
  • Informative pilot commentary on all flights
  • In-flight music available on iPod system (only on selected aircraft)
  • Pricing


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