Airborne Adventure: Scenic corners of Australia’s Green Cauldron.

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We will take you to find yourself through adventure, flying to some of the most beautiful and pristine corners of Australia�s Green Cauldron (Southeast Queensland and Northern New South Wales).

Airborne Adventure: Scenic corners of Australia’s Green Cauldron.
From$330 aud

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Tour Highlights

  • Dry gum forests
  • volcanic ranges
  • aerial manoeuvres and tricks
  • Rainforest patches on some peaks

Tour Info

Code SD-GM01
  • Scenic Flight
Duration 1 Hour
Price From $330

On Request

Vehicle Fixed Wing Aircraft
Suitability Open Age
Start Brisbane @ On Demand
Finish Brisbane @
Travel Insurance Required

Hop aboard the low-flying aircraft at Archerfield Airport and marvel over unique Australian scenery and rugged vistas during a scenic flight over southeast Queensland and northern New South Wales. Just leave the concrete city behind for a while and find yourself cruising over volcanic ranges and the scenic rim along with the sweeping coastline and forests.

This traditionally sacred area has a unique story and journey to offer when you immerse yourself in the history, volcanic origins, and richness of the region. Not only will we fly you out to show you what inspires us, during and before the flight you will learn a lot about the area and it's history.

On board we supply you with organic drinks and snacks. For adventurers who like it a bit more extraordinary the pilot is always more than happy to let you experience some small aerial manoeuvres and tricks.


- Fly in a low-level adventure aircraft from dry gum forests through to the

mountainous jungle forests

- In-Flight Refreshments included

- Fly through the remnants of the worlds 2nd largest shield volcano and see how the

mountain ranges and lava-flows have sculpted the ecosystem

- 45 minute adventure flight

- All adventures from skydance come with a pre-flight presentation on everything

you will see during the flight including the natural, spiritual and geological history of

the area.


  • On board we supply you with organic drinks and snacks. 

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