North Stradbroke Island 4WD Beach Safari

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This Island is packed with Wildlife and large portions are National Parks. Experiencing North Stradbroke Island is like visiting well known Fraser Island which boasts an almost identical make-up and topography.

North Stradbroke Island 4WD Beach Safari
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  • Day Tour
Duration 9 Hours
Price From $190


Vehicle 4WD
Suitability Open Age
Start Gold Coast @ 7.00
Finish Gold Coast @ 5.00pm

North Stradbroke is It is gigantic indeed, 35 km long and 15 km wide at it's widest point. One of the largest subtropical sand Islands in Australia, it has sand dunes over 200 meters high, Eucalypt Forests, patches of the Rain Forest, Typical Australian bush and hidden crystal clear lakes are situated all over the Island.

A fun filled day exploring North Stradbroke Island, with genuine wilderness so close by. We cross the calm water of Moreton Bay by large car ferry, passing subtropical islands.

Watch from the rocky outcrops and picturesque gorges in the north as Dolphins play in the surf, huge Manta Rays glide past. Sea Turtles often come to the surface for air. During winter the magnificent Humpback Whales migrating to the northern breeding grounds can be observed from land.

The Aboriginal presence is still strong today especially around Dunwich, the Island's main settlement.

Programme Times

0700-0730 Hotel pick-ups
0730-0900 Travel to Redland Bay, stopping for Kangaroo & Koala viewing.
0900-0950 Vehicular ferry across Moreton Bay. Morning tea & cakes Marine life watching View Sea Eagles nest at Bird Island.
0950-1100 4WD on bush tracks stopping at lakes, lookouts & fauna.
1100-1200 Short walk to North George Observe Dolphins, Sea Turtles, Manta Rays & Humpback Whales in season.
1200-1400 BBQ Lunch on the beach, fishing, swimming, playing in the sand. Aboriginal artefact presentation, play didgeridoo, throw boomerang.
1400-1430 Beach Driving
1430-1515 Ferry back to Redland Bay for Afternoon tea & biscuits.
1515-1630 Return Journey to hotel.

Stradbroke Island Fishing Tale

"On a recent fishing trip off North Stradbroke Island our quarry was the monster flathead that we have caught there before. We did catch an enormous five kilo flathead but that was not the highlight of the day. I hooked a powerful fish and as I reeled it in we saw a long silver streak leap from the water.

Again and again it leapt like a gamefish but we had no idea what it was. We found it had a fearsome set of teeth that demanded respect, as we cautiously removed the hooks. I thought it might be some kind of gigantic garfish on steroids. I had never heard of a Longtom until I got it home and researched it"

Stradbroke Island Shark Attack Fatality (News Report)

A monster predator lurking off Stradbroke Island is so big it was able to bite this 3m white pointer shark in half. The massive chunks were probably taken out by a giant white pointer that could easily be more than 5m long, based on the size of the huge bites on the sides of its smaller rival, experts say.

Holiday-makers on North Stradbroke Island dive off a jetty several hundred metres from where Sarah Whiley was fatally attacked by a shark.

! ! ! Don't Swim in Open Waters ! ! !

Tour Highlights

  • Ideally sized Air Conditioned 4WD Vehicles.
  • Small Groups for maximum personalised service.
  • Experienced Drivers/Tour Guides who know the Island and it's Fauna and Flora.
  • Morning Tea, Coffee & Scrumptious BBQ Lunch with abundance of meat, wine and beer.
  • Beach Fishing while driver prepares lunch.
  • Swimming and Fun in the Sun!

What to Bring

  • Towel
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunblock
  • Comfortable Clothes
  • Swimming Costumes

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