Parasailing Cairns Day Tour

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Whether you're a thrill seeker or looking to experience Cairns sublime ocean and mountain views, Come and see the world from our perspective, metres in the air taking in the beautiful Cairns city and mountain backdrop.

Parasailing Cairns Day Tour
From$130 aud

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Tour Highlights

  • parasailing Boating
  • parasailing
  • Dolphins
  • Mountain Views
  • Vast ocean
  • Cairns City landscape

Tour Info

Code SP-01
  • Adventure Tour
Duration 1 Day
Price From $130


Vehicle Coach
Suitability Open Age
Start Cairns @ 07.30 am
Finish Cairns @ 05.30 pm
Travel Insurance Required

We offer 5 star service, the company has since re-launched their renowned operation, offering locals and tourists the opportunity to experience the excitement and elation of parasailing. The service operates from Cairns Trinity Inlet and offers passengers the opportunity to ride on Australia's best parasailing boat and soar metres above the boat under the 32 foot chute.

The luxury, purpose-built boat is specifically designed for open waters, providing a smooth and comfortable journey across the Trinity Inlet. The boat can accommodate 12 passengers and 2 crew members. Due to safe, padded seats, age is no barrier, although children must be accompanied by an adult. The unique parasailing chair seats 2 passengers side-by-side, allowing the journey to be shared, and is not like the harness system where you dangle like a tea bag. Southern Cross Parasailing follows strict industry regulations and guidelines and don't require you to where bathers as you won't get wet.

The parasailing experience is like no other, but if you choose not to fly, the journey as an observer from the shaded and spacious boat is equally enjoyable. Take in the emcompassing mountain views, vast ocean and Cairns City landscape as you soar high above the open water.


  • Child must be accompanied with an adult
  • Courtesy Bus - FREE 
  • Photo Disc - $50

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