Upolu Reefs & Outer Reef Day Cruise

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Set sail aboard our luxury Cat cruise to Australia's magnificent Great Barrier Reef. Upolu Cay Reef is exclusively yours to explore on this tour. The reef is clear, shallow and teeming with marine life: it is out of this world. Make the most of this truly beautiful reef and submerge yourself with an introductory dive (optional extra) or slip on your mask, fins and snorkel from above.

Upolu Reefs & Outer Reef Day Cruise
From$199 aud

Group booking discount

Tour Highlights

  • Snorkeling
  • Glass Bottom Boat Viewing
  • Coral gardens viewing
  • Upolu Reef and Upolu Cay
  • Reef Duration 6 hours
  • Diving ( Optional)

Tour Info

Code OF-01
  • Explorer Tour
Duration 1 Day
Price From $199


Vehicle Cruises
Suitability Open Age
Start Cairns @ 7.30 am
Finish Cairns @ Cairns @ approx 5 pm
Travel Insurance Required

Upon arrival at this pristine and picturesque coral cay reef - you'll be able to experience a glass bottom boat trip with our marine naturalist then relax and unwind, lazing in the crystal clear azure shallow waters surrounding the Cay . Swim, Snorkel and Dive this truly amazing location under the watchful eye of our safety conscious staff. Enjoy a snorkel in the shallow waters where the "bommies" (coral outcrops) are just under the surface.

Reef Duration6 hours to dive and snorkel your day in 2 amazing locations

ReturnAround 4.15pm - 4.30pm


During lunch cruise to the Outer Edge Upolu Reef, snorkel or dive the amazing "Wonder Wall", on the outer edge of Upolu Reef. Experience the abundant corals and sea life with an adventure drift snorkel with our staff's assistance.

Or if you prefer sunbathe on the spacious comfortable deck areas or relax in the air-conditioned comfort of the saloon.

Please note the order of the 2 destinations will be determined on the day depending on the conditions.

* Your Lunch and Afternoon Snacks

A sumptuous lunch consisting of Queensland prawns, Tasmanian smoked salmon, roast chicken, mixed meat platter, 3 fresh salad selections and assorted breads. Tropical fruit platter, cheese and crackers and cake served on cruise home.

* Our Guests

Low guest numbers (max 75 - surveyed for 109 people) ensures a personal snorkel and dive experience.

All guests are assessed for their snorkelling and diving abilities and are appropriately assisted to ensure that all are able to experience and enjoy the Great Barrier Reef.

** Diving Optional

Certified and IntroductoryIf you've never dived and wish to try it, we have introductory dives - guaranteed 2 divers to one instructor! (usual ratio is 4:1) or if you are a certified diver you can enjoy the wonders of the reef with our experienced complimentary guides in small groups.

Upolu Cay is a beautiful coral formation surrounded by crystal clear turquoise water. It is a moving, changing system: its shape and size change with the currents, wind and wave action. The beautiful white "sand" is actually not sand at all, but crushed up dead and sun bleached coral and reef animal skeletons.

Your adventure begins at Cairns' Reef Fleet Terminal, where you are asked to check-in at the Ocean Free / Ocean Freedom desk at 7.15am. Boarding commences on Cairns' Marlin Marina from 7.30am. Enjoy fresh tea, coffee, fruit and Danish pastries on board, prior to the 8am departure.

As Tour commences its cruise to Upolu Cay Reef and the outer edge of Upolu Reef, you can relax in the air-conditioned saloon or on the fresh air sundeck. En route to the Great Barrier Reef, the friendly crew will provide an introductory safety briefing and for those wanting to partake in introductory or certified scuba diving, the paperwork and briefs will be completed on the way out.

One destination - Upolu Cay Reef: Enjoy a Glass Bottom boat tour around the crystal clear blue shallow waters surrounding Upolu Cay Reef. Cruise is the first boat to arrive, so you can enjoy this pristine area uninterrupted! Surrounded by stunning turquoise water and many types of corals, reef fishes, stingrays, cucumbers and sea stars, this is a great introduction to the reef. You can snorkel and dive here: all necessary assistance is provided to ensure every guest can enjoy the reef.

On occasions the water maybe shallow enough to allow landing on the Cay itself (as shown in photo below) - on other days you can sometimes stand in ankle to knee deep water and get photos of you (apparently standing in the middle of the ocean! ) and on other days the cay may be totally submerged but still have the beautiful crystal clear shallow waters to snorkel in.

Lunch is served at approximately 11:30am in a self-serve buffet style. Enjoy a sumptuous feast of smoked salmon, chilled prawns, cold chicken and meats, three different salads and fresh breads. While you dine, Ocean Freedom cruises slowly to the second site.

Second Site -Outer Edge Upolu Reef: You will be amazed and impressed at the "Wonder Wall" on the Outer Edge of Upolu Reef. Rising 14m from the ocean floor, "Wonder Wall" plateaus just 0.5m - 1M under the surface ( depending on the tide ), making it an ideal snorkel and dive site. View many different types of hard and soft coral, in addition to fans, giant clams, turtles and a huge diversity and abundance of reef fish of all sizes, including nemos everywhere! Enjoy an informative adventure drift snorkel tour with our Marine Naturalist.

Order of destinations will be chosen by skipper on the day to maximise your enjoyment of each area. After a full six hours of unrushed pleasure on the reef and shallow waters surrounding the Cay, cruise home while our crew serve a sumptuous selection of tropical fruit, cheese, crackers and a decadent cake platter. The ultimate way to wind down after a magical day on the one and only Great Barrier Reef! Arrive back into Cairns around 4.30pm.

1,500 species of fish

400 species of corals

4,000 species of mollusks

500 species of sea-weed

215 species of birds

16 species of sea-snake

6 species of sea turtles

and some of the largest Dugong population in the world


  • Danish Pastries + fresh fruit on boarding
  • Snorkelling tuition with in-water crew assistance if needed and use of top quality snorkelling gear including buoyancy vests, lycra, suits/wetsuits
  • High snorkel and dive crew to guest ratio
  • Coffee + tea all day
  • Fish Feed
  • Glass Bottom Boat Tour with Marine Naturalist
  • Adventure Drift snorkel tour
  • Large smorgasbord lunch including seafood
  • On cruise home : fresh fruit / cheese and crackers / cake platters
  • Fresh water showers
  • Prescription masks


  1. Coach transfers ($14 Inner city return per person; $21 Northern Beaches, as far as Palm Cove, return per person)
  2. Certified Diving (x1 cert dive — x2 cert dives)
  3. Introductory Diving (x1 intro dive — x2 intro dives)
  4. Underwater cameras
  5. Well stocked range of alcoholic refreshments
  6. A range of quality merchandise


  • Ocean Freedom's 20m luxury cruising cat travels at 23 knots, reducing travelling time to the Great Barrier Reef to just one hour! The order in which the 2 destinations are visited will depend on the conditions on the day. Your skipper will pick the best order of destinations on each day to make your experience of our 2 sites the best possible! You may even want to try your first ever scuba dive, or for the certified diver, enjoy being guided by our qualified instructors on some of the best dive sites on the reef.
  • Child price is applicable 4 to 14 yr ( from 15 Year adult rate will be applicable)

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