5 Night Murray River Wildlife Cruise

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The 5 night cruise gives you an excellent opportunity to see the River environment in a different perspective and may allow you to view of some of the nocturnal wildlife, especially birds such as night herons, owls and coots.

5 Night Murray River Wildlife Cruise
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Tour Highlights

  • Abundant wildlife
  • Southern Hairy Nosed Wombat
  • Native flora & fauna
  • Mypolonga
  • Mannum
  • Swan Reach

Tour Info

Code PM-05
  • Discovery Tour
Duration 6 Days
Price From $
Vehicle Cruise Ship
Suitability Open Age
Start Adelaide @ 19.00 pm
Finish Adelaide @ 16.00 pm
Travel Insurance Required

Just 45 minutes from Adelaide in the heart of the Murrayland, the Captain and crew of the luxurious Proud Mary look forward to welcoming you aboard.


You will be welcomed aboard and be shown to your superb riverview accommodation with time to settle in and enjoy a drink at the bar before a delicious hot supper is served.

As you cruise, Proud Mary's powerful floodlights illuminate the shore. This is an excellent opportunity to see the River environment in a different perspective and may allow you to view some of the noctural wildlife, especially birds such as night herons, owls, and coots.


Proud Mary ties up at Sunnyside, our overnight mooring, for a night of peace and tranquility in the Australia bush.


Dining room is closed.


Dining room opens. Tea/Coffee is available.


Proud Mary departs Sunnyside and continues upstream.

You will pass huge lagoons teeming with birdlife. During floods, these inland lagoons were so immense that in the early riverboat days, Captains could not find true channels. In the early 1900′s riverboat Captains planted willow trees along the banks to clearly mark the main river channel. Today the willos provide the perfect haven for the prolific birdlife.


This morning you will enjoy a delicious buffet breakfast while cruising through Mypolonga, Wall Flat, Caloote and Ponde.


Mid morning Proud Mary arrives in picturesque Mannum.

Here you will board the waiting coach for a history tour of this small township which played a significant role in the development

of South Australia. Captain William Randell launched the 1st Paddle Steamer, the "Mary Ann", on the Murray River in 1853. By late 1880′s, there were over 250 paddle steamers and barges trading on the River Murray, and Mannum became an industrious inland port. On tour, you will re-trace the colourful history of several pioneering families whose efforts shaped the successful development of this region. Your tour includes a visit to the "Olden Days, Olden Ways" museum in Mannum, where you will find a large collection of historic memorabilia.


The vessel departs Mannum. Lunch is served aboard as you cruise upstream past Younghusband, Teal Flat, lovely Lake Carlet, Bowhill, Purnong and onto Walker Flat.


Proud Mary moors at Walker Flat. The bird and wildlife here is prolific, including wallabies wild ducks and bush turkeys. Together with the towering cliffs, they add to the tranquility of cruising Australia's most famous river.

This evening is "Australiana Night" and will be featuring the use ofsome traditional "Bush foods" such as emu, kangaroo, damper bread, fresh water crustaceans (yabbies), lemon myrtle, wild bushtomatoes and quandongs (wild peaches), combined into exciting creations by our chefs to showcase a new evolving Australian cruisine.


This evening join our expert ecologist for a Noctural Discovery Tour. This tour provides an insight to the abundant wildlife, including the Southern Hairy Nosed Wombat; floodlights illuminate the secluded outback enabling you to easily view the native flora and fauna.


Dining room is closed.


Dining Room opens. Tea/Coffee available.


Proud Mary departs Walker Flat and continues upstream.

You will pass fascinating Wongulla where, some fifty years ago, men found the petrified remains of a shark. It was twenty million years old.


Buffet breakfast is available while cruising through Wongulla, Nildottie and Big Bend.


Souvenir Display.


Morning Tea is available in the Dining Room.


Join the Captain in the dining room for an Eco talk about the Murray System.


Proud Mary arrives at the pioneering township of Swan Reach.The settlement was originally the port of the large Portee Sheep Station and was settled as a township in 1899. Here you will desembark the Proud Mary and with a local guide visit Murray Aquaculture, one of the most ambitious aquaculture projects undertaken in Australia. The fresh water crustacean is uniquely Australian and is only one of many species of crayfish found in Australia. Australia has the second largest and most diverse number of crayfish species in the world. With a local guide, you are taken through the complex covering 10,000sq metres of ponds, nurseries and an interpretive information centre. Eco-guides providesan informative commentary relating to fresh water crustacean biology, production and marketing.


Rejoin Proud Mary for lunch as we depart Swan Reach and cruise through the shallows to Blanchetown.You may have the opportunity to sample Murray Aquaculture fresh water crustaceans.


Proud Mary secures at Blanchetown, site of the Lock and Weir No. 1 on the River Murray. The river is dammed by 13 locks built for the early riverboat trade. Water cascades over the lock creating an excellent feeding place for birdlife. Pelicans and dozens of species of water birds are found diving in the water to feed.


Farewell passengers travelling on the 2 night cruise - Those passengers disembark for their journey back to Adelaide. Passengers travelling on the 5 night cruise remain on board to greet new friends travelling on the 3 night cruise.


Welcome passengers travelling on the 3 night midweek cruise.

Tonight, enjoy a delicious dinner prepared by Proud Mary's chefs as your evening cruise takes you to your overnight mooring spot of Portee Landing marvel at the surrounding floodlit shores, towering River Gums and sheer cliff faces illuminated by .


Dining Rooms closes. Enjoy a peaceful night surrounded by stars and the sounds of the Australian bush.


Dining room opens. Tea/Coffee is available.


Buffet breakfast is available.


This morning you will wake up in one of the most unspoilt and picturesque areas of the River Murray. You will be taken on an ecological walk around Portee Station, where you will discover the importance of the flood plains to the river system. You will also see evidence of an ancient Aboriginal civilisation- a huge caboe tree still stands. Learn about Moorundie Creek, named after the Aboriginal tribe that lived there. In native dialect moorundie means sand or sandy, the site where the history of the area began in 1840, when explorer Edward John Eyre established a village named "Sturt" after the famous naviugator.


Proud Mary departs Portee Station and cruises downstream towards Swan Reach, passing magnificent lagoons teeming with birdlife, awesome cliffs reaching for the sky and spectacular scenery as far as the eyes can see.


Brief stopover for newspapers at Swan Reach.


Lunch is served.


This afternoon the vessel ties alongside the towering cliffs of Big Bend. A highlight of your expedition is a guided cruise led by our expert ecologist aboard a small boat through the lagoons and inlets. There are some 320 species of birdlife in this area and with the aid of binoculars and your well informed guide, you will study at close range the prolific birdlife as well as the wildlife of the region including kangaroos, wombats, emus. echidnas and goannas.


Bar opens on shore.


This evening there is a traditional Australian barbecue on shore followed by live entertainmentaround a blazing campfire.


Dining room closes, enjoy another quiet night sleep in the tranquil Australian bush.


Dining Room opens. Tea/Coffee available.


Early this morning, the Proud Mary departs Big Bend towards Ngaut Ngaut area.

7:30- 8:00am

Enjoy your breakfast while seeing the sun rise over the towering


Disembark at Ngaut Ngaut Aboriginal conservation site for a Tour of one of the oldest archaeological digs in Australia.


Depart Ngaut Ngaut.


Murray Darling Basin Commission documentary video in the dining room while we cruise through Krohns Landing, Sabaruma and Walker Flat.


Lunch is served. Cruise through Bowhill, Teal Flat, Younghusband and Pellaring Reach.


Arrive at Mannum.


Pre-dinner drinks.


Captains dinner.


Dining Room opens. Tea/Coffee available.

8:00 - 9:15am

Buffet breakfast available.


Depart Mannum. Cruise through Ponde, Caloote and Wall Flat.


Arrive at Woodlane and disembark the Proud Mary for your tour to Reedy Creek Waterfalls area. Comfortable walking shoes are recommended and we suggest you take along your cameras, as Reedy Creek is a very picturesque area.


Return to Proud Mary and enjoy a smorgasbord lunch. Depart Woodlane and cruise through Mypolonga, Sunnyside, Mundurra and Willowbanks.


Secure at Murray Bridge.


  • Garaging costs listed within this site are applicable for vehicles’ under 3 meters in length. Additional garaging charges will apply per 3 meter block. 2 night’s garaging facilities are only available on weekend cruises.
  • Return bus transfers available with the Proud Mary Coach Adelaide central Bus Station Bay 1, Franklin st Adelaide. 5:15pm on Friday and Sunday for travel to Sturt Reserve Murray Bridge at cost listed on site.
  • Your fare is fully inclusive of accommodation on board, all meals, shore excursions and activities. The only items not included are those of a personal nature, drinks purchased at the bar, travel insurance, connecting travel, garaging for your vehicle and fuel levies.
  • To confirm your reservation full payment is to be made at the online checkout.
  • It is strongly recommended that all passengers take out comprehensive travel insurance. This not only protects you against sickness, loss of luggage, hospitalisation, but also against your need to cancel. This may be arranged independently or by Proud Mary.
  • All fares are quoted in Australian currency (AUD) and supersede all prices previously advertised.
  • Operation reserves the right to alter itineraries or transfer passengers from one vessel to another without notice. Proud Mary accepts no responsibility for coach services, other connecting travel arrangements to the vessel and onshore excursions operated by sub-contractors.
  • A fuel surcharge of $7 per person per night is applicable and must be paid prior to departure. A fuel levy applies to all passengers travelling aboard the Proud Mary.

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