Whale Watching Cruise - 3 hours

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Totally Wild! The fastest and most exciting whale watching cruise in New South Wales. 360 degree viewing from a single covered walk around deck.

Whale Watching Cruise - 3 hours
From$109 aud

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Tour Highlights

  • 3 Hour Cruise

Tour Info

Code BFC-01
  • Day Tour
Duration 3 Hours
Price From $109


Vehicle Cruise Ship
Suitability Open Age
Start Sydney @ 9.15am
Finish Sydney @ 12.45pm
Travel Insurance Required

This is the full experience out with the whales, the most comfortable boat with the best viewing, a 3 hour cruise to spend the maximum amount of time with the whales

Ocean Dreaming II is our newest vessel, very fast, modern, comfortable with Active ride control to smooth out the bumps at sea and plenty of whale watching deck space, it is the newest and most advanced whale watching vessel in Australia.

Throughout the cruise we have complementary tea, coffee and biscuits. Also available on board at our refreshment bar are more substantial snacks and drinks and don't forget to grab a USB stick with pictures taken on your cruise by our professional onboard photographer (available for purchase at the end of your cruise on board)

Then it's a fast, comfortable ride back along our magnificent coastline to enter Sydney Harbour just as Captain Phillip did in 1788. Seeing the sights of the harbour as we make our way back to the dock.

Vessel Features

three levels of outside viewing decks, perfect for whale watching.

Comforable cushioned seats.

climate controlled cabin.

multimedia presentations on screens around the boat.

wheelchair accessibleToilets on board (1 disabled)

Whale watching is a great winter experience, come and join us for a great day out on the ocean with the whales. We have been watching these magnificent mammals off the Sydney and Australian coast since 1993, so we know the great feeling that people get seeing these whales in person, and we have the experience to give you the best day with the whales. From late May to late November thousands of Humpback whales migrate along the coast off Sydney. Come aboard our fast spacious vessels and see them close up and personal, it's a day you will never forget!

Things You Need to Know

We want you to enjoy your day whale watching. The best way is to be fully prepared for your day on the ocean. If you miss seeing the whales on your first trip we will give you a return ticket for another trip.

Our whale trips do go out into the Pacific Ocean and each day is different, swell may vary from slight to moderate. Most of the time you will hardly notice it, that's because we have the largest whale watching boat on the east coast. However, it is recommended to take a seasickness remedy that works for you, just in case.

In the case that the weather is not suitable to take you out, we will cancel that trip and you have the choice to rebook on a latter trip or a full refund. Weather conditions change quickly at sea, so you can check this page just before leaving for the cruise to be sure.

Whale Facts

From mid May - early August they are heading north to give birth and mate. At this time of year they tend to swim at 4-5 knots (5-9km/h) and will have regular down times. They may pass close by the boats to inspect us as they swim, but will tend to keep moving North. They can be very active however especially the large pods of males as they jockey for primacy in anticipation of the mating season.

Late August - December: The whales are swimming south Mothers with their newborns, and males after the mating season. They tend to spend more time on surface and swim slower (so that the calf can keep up!) although occasionally we will see some long down times. This part of the season is best for Muggings were the whales will come up close to the boat and investigate us!

Note: Whales are wild animals, they may do anything, what you see is up to them!

* Humpback Whale

The Humpback whales migrate past the Sydney coastline each year, their timetable is predictable, but not exact.

* Blue Whale

The largest animal on earth, we may see one or two per season.

They can be hard to watch with long down times and unpredictable directions!

* Southern Right Whale

Our second most common visitor, they often swim into the harbour or bays along the coast searching for a safe place to mate and give birth.

* Dolphins

Both bottlenose or 'flipper'-type and common pacific dolphins visit us on over half of all of our cruises.

They are not migrating like the larger whales but live in our coastal waters.


  • A family ticket is for 2 Adults & 2 Children.
  • Children are aged 4-14. Children under 4 are free of charge.
  • Concession ticket valid only with Australian Seniors, Student, VIP, YHA ID card.
  • Please note return times may vary on some cruise, always check current available cruise times when booking.

What To Bring

  • Warm clothes - winter on the water can be cold when standing outside viewing the whales.
  • Camera - We have a professional photographer on board to capture all the action, so we recommend to leave the hard work up to him and for you to enjoy with your own eyes. But you are welcome to bring your own.
  • Sun glasses - even in winter there is a lot of glare off the water.


  • Departing Darling Harbour - Pier 26 Berth 8

On WeekdaysOn Weekends

     -               9:15am


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