Melbourne Scenic Flights (10Min - 12 Min)

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Fly and Enjoy the Melbourne Scenic Flights (10 Min - 70 Min), Choose according to your budget. See the Spectacular view of the Melbourne

Melbourne Scenic Flights (10Min - 12 Min)
From$150 aud

Group booking discount

Tour Highlights

  • St Kilda
  • Albert Park Lake
  • Coastline

Tour Info

Code PH-MS1
  • Scenic Flight
Duration 0.5 Hours
Price From $150

Daily On Demand

Vehicle Helicopter
Suitability Open Age
Start Melbourne @ Any time
Finish Melbourne @


For those on a budget or if your time is limited, this is the quickest way to have a look at the coast and the CBD in the distance.

This flight departs Moorabbin Airport and tracks straight for the coast where you will then overfly the coast, the popular beachside of Black Rock prior to returning to the field.

Due to the 'budget' nature of the flight, there is no discount for children.

Preferred Time

  • Morning
  • Afternoon
  • Evening

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