Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Flight

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A sunrise hot air balloon flight for approximately one hour over the City of Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. You will get once in a lifetime chance to see and capture moments from the sky such as sparkling skyscrapers, follow the Yarra River, parks and gardens.

Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Flight
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Tour Highlights

  • Balloon Flight over the City
  • MCG,
  • Melbourne Park
  • Albert Park racetrack

Tour Info

Code MGB-1
  • Flight
Duration 1 Hour
Price From $
Vehicle Hot Air Balloon
Suitability Open Age
Start Melbourne @ 04.00 am
Finish Melbourne @ 6.30 am

A sunrise hot air balloon flight over Melbourne is a truly remarkable experience.

There are few major cities in he world that can be traversed by hot air balloon and there certainly is no better way to take in Australia's second largest city. In the morning light our balloons drift by the array of parks and gardens that make Melbourne the world's most livable city. As the city comes to life you may have the opportunity to look down from your balloon onto some of the cities iconic sporting venues like the MCG, Melbourne Park and Albert Park racetrack.

The entire experience lasts 4-5 hours in total so usually completed between 10-11am.

Night before flight (6-7pm) : Check in by calling the pilot's number

1 hour before sunrise (time confirmed night before) : Meet pilots and crew at designated time and venue; Global Ballooning Australia drive all passengers to launch site

Launch : Passengers assist with the set up/ inflation of the balloon

Sunrise : Flight for approximately 1 hour

Land : After about 1 hour, the pilot will land the balloon; Passengers assist to pack up the balloon which is quite fun

Breakfast : Global Ballooning Australia drive all passengers back to meeting point which is where breakfast is held (if included in your booking)

** The Melbourne Balloon Flight package includes

1 Hour Balloon Flight over the City of Melbourne.

(Optional) 5-star full buffet champagne breakfast at the Pullman on the Park.

Discounted undercover parking at the Pullman Hotel for a flat fee of $5 (this is important as with other operators you could be paying up to an extra $50 for parking on the morning of your flight).

Complete flight and ground insurance.

Launch and landing government fees in and around the city

Peace of mind that you have chosen to fly with Victoria's leading hot air ballooning operator offering the most professional service. You will be in the hands of the most experienced pilots and ground crew in the business.

A carbon neutral flight - by choosing to fly with Global Ballooning Australia you will be helping to restore biodiversity and essential habitat for native fauna, improve water quality and salinity problems. This is because Global Ballooning Australia is the only Victorian operator to offset our emissions.

In-flight photography with the opportunity to purchase a souvenir CD compilation and DVD pack after the flight.

CBD Hotel pick up available for a small fee of $5 (morning pick-up only).

A beautifully prestented flight certificate.

A souvenir pack

*** Approximate departure time

January : 4.00am - 4.30am

February : 4.30am - 5.00am

March : 5.00am - 5.30am

April : 5.30am - 6.00am

May : 5.30am - 6.00am

June : 6.00am - 6.30am

uly : 6.00am - 6.30am

August : 5.30am - 6.00am

September : 5.00am - 5.30am

October : 5.00am - 5.30am

November : 4.30am - 5.00am

December : 4.30am - 5.00am


  • We generally meet 1 hour before sunrise and this time will vary throughout the different seasons depending on the hour of the sunrise - the below information will give you an indication of meeting times but should be used as a guide only.
  • Accessibility - This package is wheelchair accessible. 


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