Cape Leveque & Beagle Bay Day Tour

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Experience the highlights of pristine Cape Leveque on this adventurous day trip into indigenous Bardi country. Get to know local indigenous communities and enjoy an afternoon on the remote and beautiful beaches this Cape is famous for. There are a number of options to choose on this trip so you can essentially create your own Cape Leveque Adventure! Spend time exploring the beaches of Kooljaman at Cape Leveque, discover the art of pearling on a Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm Tour or embark on a Kimberley Coastal experience with the afternoon Giant Tides Cruise.

Cape Leveque & Beagle Bay Day Tour
From$269 aud

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Tour Highlights

  • Cape Leveque (Kooljaman)
  • Beagle Bay Pearl Shell Altar
  • One Arm Point Community Aquaculture Hatchery
  • Lombadina Aboriginal Community

Tour Info

Code KE-1DCL
  • Day Tour
Duration 12 Hours
Price From $269

Tuesdays, Thursdays & Sundays (Jul-Oct)

Wednesdays & Sundays (Nov-Mar)

Vehicle 4WD
Suitability Open Age
Start Broome @ 07.30 am
Finish Broome @ 06.30pm

Departing Broome at approximately 7.00am, we journey up the spectacular Dampier Peninsula, also known as 'Dampier Land'. Largely Aboriginal-owned land, the Dampier is a delight for travellers seeking a Kimberley experience that is culturally rewarding in a beautiful environment. Travelling up the red 4WD track, learn about the peninsula's fascinating place in Australia's history from our guided commentary.

Our first stop is the Beagle Bay Aboriginal Community, home of the Beagle Bay Church and its glimmering pearl shell altar, for morning tea. We then continue to the laid-back Lombadina Aboriginal Community before reaching Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm for lunch. Following lunch our day continues according to the option you have chosen on booking:

Options KE-1DCL & KE-1DCL1: Kooljaman at Cape Leveque

We then travel north to the remote One Arm Point Community, the perfect place on the mainland to view the spectacular Buccaneer Archipelago and witness the huge tidal flows of the Kimberley. Don't miss the Community's aquaculture hatchery, complete with reef fish and trochus shell. On nearby Cape Leveque (locally known as Kooljaman) we enjoy time to relax on the pristine beaches and spectacular coastline the cape is renowned for.

Options KE- 1DCL5 & KE-1DCL6: Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm Tour

The only working pearl farm open to the public, Cygnet Bay offers real insight into the history and cultivation of the world's finest pearls. The Brown family are pioneers of this iconic industry and from oyster husbandry through to the pearl harvest and grading, this tour offers an experience through the eyes of a pearl farmer, a traditionally secretive part of West Australian life. Don't miss the chance to feel the silken touch of a strand of pearls against your skin or try some delicious pearl meat!

Options KE-1DCL7 & KE-1DCL8: Cygnet Bay Giant Tides Tour

Board a high speed vessel for a truly remarkable experience on the Kimberley Coast. As we cruise through the Sunday Island group of the Buccaneer Archipelago the enormous power of the tide is on display in the form of whirlpools and standing waves. Your experienced skipper provides fascinating insights into this extreme tropical environment and how this not only affects the people of the Kimberley Coast but also how it powers the Australian pearling industry. *Note that the Giant Tides tour is tide dependent; on neap tides, we will instead take the Kimberley Island Explorer Cruise.

Regardless of what option you have chosen, we regroup at Kooljaman at Cape Leveque around 4pm. Those who have chosen 4WD/4WD (KE-1DCL) then reboard the vehicle for the journey back into Broome, arriving at approximately 7.00pm. Those who have chosen the 4WD/Fly (KE-1DCL1) option meet the pilot for the short flight to Broome, arriving at approximately 5pm.


  • Experienced Guide
  • Meals as specified
  • Community Entry Permits
  • Guided One Arm Point Aquaculture Hatchery Tour


  • 4WD/4WD Option (1DCL)
  • 4WD/Fly Option (1DCL1), subject to availability

What to Bring

  • Recommendations include: a broad-brimmed hat with sun visor (broad brimmed being better for all round sun protection), personal water bottle, sunscreen and camera.


  • This tour may not be suitable for pregnant women or travellers with back problems.
  • The 4WD/Fly Option (1DCL1) is operated in conjunction with King Leopold Air.


  • KE-1DCL Kooljaman at Cape Leveque 4WD/4WD:  Adult $269, Child (4-12yrs) $169

  • KE-1DCL1 Kooljaman at Cape Leveque 4WD/Fly:  Adult $499, Child (4-12yrs) $399

  • KE-1DCL5 Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm Tour 4WD/4WD: Adult $269, Child (4-12yrs) $169

  • KE-1DCL6 Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm Tour 4WD/Fly: Adult $499, Child (4-12yrs) $399

  • KE-1DCL7 Cygnet Bay Giant Tides Cruise 4WD/4WD: Adult $419, Child (4-12yrs) $319

  • KE-1DCL8 Cygnet Bay Giant Tides Cruise 4WD/Fly: Adult $649, Child (4-12yrs) $549

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