Exmouth is a very remote town on the North West Cape of Western Australia and has a population of 2,400 permanent residents.During World War II the Learmonth Airport was used as a defence base by the Royal Australian Airforce. The Potshot Base which was positioned close to the Learmonth Airport was bombed by the Japanese during the War.The town of Exmouth was built primarily as a support town for the United States Naval Base, however due to the beauty that abounds the area Exmouth has become an extremely popular tourist destination for people from all walks of life and from all over the world.

The fact that Exmouth boasts a beautiful climate, excellent fishing, both marine and terrestrial national park which encompass one of the few fringing coral reefs on the west coast of a continent in the world with some of the most magnificent diving and snorkeling conditions, it's a paradise for both land based tourists as well as diving enthusiasts.