Hobart (Tazmania) is located off the southeast corner of mainland Australia. It is Australia's smallest state in terms of both size and population, yet is a major tourist attraction.

Bathed by the pristine waters of the Southern Ocean, the island of Tasmania (Tazmania) lies 42 degrees south of the equator, and offers a superb retreat experience of an outstanding natural environment with over 30% of the state a National Park and over 20% of the state being listed as World Heritage Area as one of our planet's great natural treasures worthy of being protected for all time.

Hobart Tours offers a varieties in kind such as wilderness and wines, ancient rivers and mountains, primordial trees, convict built heritage, clean green gourmet foods, wide open spaces with small scale towns and country life on the land, wooden boats and deep harbours and those are indeed Tasmania's signature pieces.

Also Hobart tour guides will take you through surroundings of fascinating historical and picturesque towns. As a holiday destination, it is hard to find another place that offers so much variety in its scenery, cuisine and attractions that Hobart tours offer you, as this unique unspoiled Island is nature’s gift to Australians.