Kununurra was originally developed to service the Ord River irrigation project is situated in the East Kimberley close to Lake Argyle and the state boarder with Northern Territory. A thriving town it now plays a major role in development and research, agriculture, tourism and diamond mining. Argyle Diamond Mine produces some of the world's most beautiful stones.

 In the early 1960's the Ord River was dammed to create the Ord River Irrigation Scheme with Lake Argyle and Lake Kununurra also being formed. These lakes and associated waterways now service a broad range of agricultural ventures and are a paradise for fishing, boating and outdoor enthusiasts.

 Created as the centre for the irrigation scheme, Kununurra has well developed infrastructure including a modern hospital, leisure and aquatic centre, shopping centre and specialty shops. By road, the town is situated 3247km from Perth and 800km from Darwin, with the closest town, Wyndham, located 100km to the north. To the east, the Western Australia, Northern Territory border is a mere 30km away.